dexter season 5 michael c hall harrison 'Dexter' recap: KillbayaDexter gets ready to save Lumen. He tells Harry that he wants to share his life with her and refuses to let her die. Just as he’s about to walk out the door. Sonja shows up with Astor and Cody. They want to spend the summer with him. They miss him. He can’t very well run out after that. He finally gets away and calls Jordan. He volunteers to turn himself over to Jordan, but Jordan refuses. After the call, Jordan is at a stoplight and Lumen, who is bound and gagged in his trunk, kicks and muffle screams until some dude selling fruit hears her. But, Jordan drives away before the guy can do anything. Then, he pistol whips her.

Deb studies the videos of the Barrel Girls being tortured. It reminds her of when Rudy kidnapped her. Dexter does a property check for Eugene Greer, to maybe see where Jordan might have taken Lumen. Then, word comes in that RoboCop’s body was discovered in his van. Dexter has to do the blood work at the scene. That’s like recapping your own television show. Poor Lumen is dragged into a remote house, where she has flashbacks of being there before and being attacked.

At Liddy’s murder scene, LaGuerta confronts Quinn about his relationship with Liddy, as there were lots of calls to Quinn on his cellphone. Then, she sees that drop of Liddy’s blood on Quinn’s boot. He decides that he’d rather get lawyered up than tell her any more. Dexter gets a call that Eugene Greer owns a camp — the same place where he and the assholes attacked Emily. Lumen and Jordan have a struggle, but it’s too early in the episode for her to escape.

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