dexter michael c hall s4 320 'Dexter' recap: Stick A Fork In HimIn many ways, this is a placeholder episode, yet after last week’s embarrassment, it’s possible it’s the most strongly-written of the season; there’s no better evidence for this theory than the fact that Quinn apologizes for his behavior, and he and Deb have a conversation that’s actually both mature and bearable and THANK GOD that relationship appears finally to be completely over.

Colin Hanks is spending time with his sister, and tells EJO that he wants nothing more to do with him, so EJO seethes that he’ll carry on God’s work for the both of them. Meanwhile, the girl from last week turns up to the police and, while she doesn’t explicitly say she only heard one person there, does say that she “heard” from Colin Hanks that “the Professor” referred to her as “the Whore,” like CAN WE STOP DRAGGING THIS EJO IDIOCY OUT NOW PLEASE. Oh, and also, “they” made her drink what we know to be Colin Hanks’s blood, which is just fantastic. EJO seems to let Colin Hanks go, and I’m sure we all believe that will stick, what with him being a figment of his imagination.

Brian is apparently the new, or at least the temporary, Harry, as you might have expected, but while he talks even more than Harry does, he’s at least a bit more fun. Under his tutelage, Dexter screws some jailbait at a convenience store and then steals her gun so he and Brian can have some fun shooting stop signs and other stuff over which dead/alive brothers enjoy bonding. But did I mention the part where he never shuts up?

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