dexter michael c hall s4 320 'Dexter' recap: Talk To The Hand, Because The Face Is UnconsciousWith the threat of poison gas in the air, Deb has no choice but to alert Homeland Security; also Greene lets them know about the tip he gave Batista, who’s still tied up at Doomsday_Adam’s apartment. Deb sends Quinn and some other units to Beth’s apartment, but not before Colin Hanks then sends Beth on a suicide mission to Miami Metro with the wormwood delivery device, armed with Batista’s keycard so she can bypass security and the instructions to take Deb out above all others. However, Deb is out in the field, so Beth sits down to wait; after Quinn shows up just in time to save Batista from a fiery death, Dexter figures out that Beth is Doomsday_Adam’s wife just in time to sequester Beth right as she sets off wormwood, so her rather grisly death is completely in vain other than leaving Dexter, who got a mild dose of the gas, somewhat physically vulnerable.

Once Homeland Security takes a cursory look, they conclude Doomsday_Adam and Beth weren’t terrorists, so they back off, but Deb is not thrilled with the state of her department, as if she’s the only one. Her mood doesn’t improve when LaGuerta sells Matthews out, forcing him to bitterly retire, nor when Saint Therapist makes the suggestion that Deb’s feelings for Dexter are a bit more, um, complex than she’s admitted, eventually asking if she wants to be with Dexter. Deb cans Saint Therapist in response, which is always a convincing way to say no, I find; the subsequent romantic dream she has about him kind of drives that point home.

Dexter learns the final tableau will be the Lake of Fire, which will end in the death of the two Witnesses, and decides to try to lure Colin Hanks out of hiding by constructing his own tableau, with blood poured on a statue of an angel and with EJO’s hand to boot, and leaving him a message directing him to the Slice Of Life. In response, Colin Hanks paints Dexter as the devil, just as hilariously as I thought, before heading off to walk into Dexter’s trap. Only, as you’d guess, Dexter’s physical incapacitation kicks in at the worst possible time, and when he wakes up, Colin Hanks tries to burn him up in a Lake of Fire tableau. As Colin Hanks drives the Slice Of Life off, the rowboat in which he left Dexter explodes – but unbeknownst to him, Dexter escaped just in time. And I should probably be shot for this, given how bad the season has been, but next week does actually look pretty good.

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