dexter season 5 michael c hall harrison 'Dexter' recap: Teenage Angst vs. BloodlustOn “Dexter,” our hero moves into Deb’s place with Astor and Cody. Astor is beyond moody right now and is not giving up on the whole “hating Dexter” thing. Deb gets a little claustrophobic and stays at Quinn’s place. She tells him to keep his fat sausage fingers off of her. Astor finally demands that she move back in with her grandparents and takes Cody with her. Dexter, were he to have a heart, is heartbroken.

Dex has his interview with the FBI and they tell him that they know he was at Arthur Mitchell’s house when Rita was murdered. They know it wasn’t him, but they want to know why Mitchell would target Rita. They’re looking for a dude named Kyle Butler.

Dexter gets a moving van and notices that there is blood in the back. So, he obsesses about it. He tracks down the last renter of the truck, played by Shawn Hatosy. He goes to his house and finds a conspicuous lock on a door, but nothing definitive. Then, he finds something definitive. Dude’s a killer.

Batista finds a bank statement belonging to Laguerta that lets him know he married a kind of rich lady. At least one with a nice chunk of change in the bank. He asks around about whether it’s wrong for her to keep it a secret. Then, he confronts her, and she says that she’s worked hard for that money. He goes to a bar where some fellow cop says something ungentlemanly about Laguerta, so he beats him up.

The homicide department finds this head that’s been cut up like some cult got ahold of the owner. Are we gonna get a superstar killer this season? Then, they find some guy dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound and they believe it’s the husband of the head.

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