deb dexter 704 'Dexter'  'Run' recap: Does Deb share Dexter's killer instinct?“Dexter’s” fourth episode this season is titled “Run,” after a note left by serial killer Speltzer when he finds himself trapped in the Minotaur’s maze.

“I don’t run,” Dexter (Michael C. Hall) says. “I make people run.”

Does that include his sister, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), now that she knows he’s a serial killer?

Bloodbath: Deb is certainly having trouble coping. Finding herself in a bloody bathtub in a gruesome dream, she realizes his link to the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) and blames Dexter for Rita’s murder. She also suggests that he send his son Harrison away and unfairly blames him for the fact that she almost became one of Speltzer’s victims. (Dex does indeed send Harrison to Orlando, but only temporarily. We hope, because his nostalgia over Harrison’s little Lambie proves that Dex is more human than he — or Deb — thinks.)

The Closer: Deb has good cause to be frustrated, though. After Speltzer is caught and she taunts him into a confession, Brenda Lee Johnson-style, he’s freed once again on a Miranda violation. Speltzer turns the tables on Deb later, taunting her at his victim’s funeral. After attacking him, she later admits to Dexter that she wanted to kill him.

Six Feet Under: No worries! Dexter will solve that problem…eventually. But first he loses a fight in Speltzer’s RV (reminiscent of his struggles with 6’8″ gang enforcer Little Chino back in Season 2), and then awakens in the Minotaur’s maze to find that “Run” note — and actually follows its instructions with a nimble escape via the roof, action-hero style. (“However, I do run if there’s a bull coming after me with an ax,” says Dex, appending his original response to the note.) Dex exacts his revenge at the gravedigger’s workplace, leaving him a “Stay” note, smashing him in the back of the head with a shovel and staging his kill in the crematorium.

After stabbing him, Dexter sends Speltzer into the fire — along with his second box of blood slides. Aw. (Too bad LaGuerta’s reopened the first box.) After noting that Deb “lost herself going after” Speltzer, her brother expresses the hope that their “relationship can arise from [Speltzer’s] ashes.” The fact that Deb agrees to pick him up at the crematorium — and admits she’s glad he’s dead — is a good sign. “What does that make me?” she asks Dexter. “Human,” is his reply. Now can she please see him the same way?

Mobbed Up: Thanks to Louis, Isaac now knows exactly who Dexter is and where he works. Even though he gives his club’s bartender an offer he can’t refuse — take the fall for Mike’s murder by committing suicide — it’s not over with Viktor. Weeping over a picture of himself and Viktor, Isaac promises, “I will avenge your death — everything I do is for you.” This does not bode well for Dexter.

Everything Is Il-Lumen-ated? Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Dexter reconnect at the station, where she is helping with the Wayne Randall investigation. The two share some intriguing chemistry, although how their relationship will develop remains to be seen. Could she be his next damaged girlfriend � la Lumen (Julia Stiles)?

Killer Quotes
“I’ll have you know I have a major following on Twitter.” –Masuka, when his colleagues don’t appreciate his “white Russian on ice” wisecrack.

“She’s a dancer … She just doesn’t keep a lot of her clothes on.” –Quinn, when Batista refers to his girlfriend Nadia as a stripper.

“I’m already a clich�. I don’t need to add stripper to that list.” –Batista, when Quinn offers to set him up with one of Nadia’s friends.

“Speltzer may have a lizard brain like me, but his shortcoming is he doesn’t have much of a human brain.” –Dexter, before knocking out the Minotaur.

That would be a twist. Not one that’s going to happen tonight.” –Dexter, when a restrained and powerless Speltzer threatens to kill him.

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