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“Dexter” hit the 27th Annual William S. Paley Festival Thursday (Mar. 4) night and, though there wasn’t much information revealed about the highly anticipated fifth season, we did manage to glean a few morsels of intel from executive producer Sara Colleton
Seems the writing staff has just recently broken the main story for “Dexter”‘s fifth year and they’re not at all nervous about how it will be received. “We’ve spent the last month working out season 5,” Colleton says in the clip below. “And we love Season 5 and we think the audience is going to love it just as much. It’s great.”
Now, whether or not Dex will get custody of not only baby Harrison but Rita’s (Julie Benz) two kids as well — now that she’s out of the picture — remains to be seen. What we did learn, however, is it’s definitely something that’s been discussed and will be addressed as soon as the show returns.
Colleton says we won’t be leaping very far forward in time. Last we saw Dex, he had just discovered his wife in a bathtub of blood. When we see him next, he’ll be dealing with the fallout from her death. “All [the writers] uniformly felt that it would be a cheat to jump ahead,” she explains. “Everyone — Dexter and the audience — got a kick in the gut [with] the very last episode. And so, to not have him process that and allow his catharsis and the audience[‘s catharsis] is a cheat. And the trick is to make it fascinating and make it unique and make it “Dexter”-ish and I think we have.”

Apparently some of that fascination will revolve around Dexter’s self-revelation. Though Dex has always felt that he’s been honest with himself, it seems his inner voice has been hiding a few things. 
Also, be prepared to see Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) get very protective of her brother during this time. 

What else? 
Well, we asked Colleton whether or not this season’s “big bad” will be played by a recognizable name a la John Lithgow in Season 4.
Watch the video to hear her answer… 


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