“Dexter” sets up the endgame in the Season 6 finale, it appears.

So Dexter gets home from the Lake of Fire tableau and jumps back into finding Travis. He narrows down Travis’s vantage point for the eclipse to a solar-powered skyscraper. But Travis is busy kidnapping Harrison.

When he shows up at Dexter’s apartment, he finds the Ice Truck Killer hand that Lewis sent Dexter and a flier for Harrison’s Noah’s Ark pageant, which is where he stages the kidnapping. Harrison is the innocent “lamb” Travis is going to slaughter during the eclipse.

Dexter stops Travis on the skyscraper, faking a stabbing of himself with his own needle, then punching Travis out and saving Harrison. Dexter takes Travis to a kill room he set up at the abandoned church.

Before killing Travis, Dexter gives a speech about how there cannot be lightness without dark and how Dexter’s darkness is to bring balance to the world.

Meanwhile, Deb tells Dexter she loves him (and she means loves-loves) and he says “I love you” back, for the first time ever (though we’re pretty sure he doesn’t mean it that way). Once Deb talks to the psychiatrist, she decides to show Dexter what she means. 

As Dexter is pontificating over Travis, Deb walks in and overhears/sees Dexter kill Travis. Dexter sees her, says, “Oh God” and we fade to black.

What did you think, “Dexter” fans? Deb obviously had to find out sometime, but do you think this is that sometime? What is the fallout from her “in love” revelation coupled with her discovery?  We can’t wait to find out.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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