dexter season 8 goodbye miami 'Dexter' Season 8 episode 10 'Goodbye Miami': Dexter makes a choiceIn the third-to-last episode of “Dexter” ever, the titular character makes a choice — but can he (and everyone else) live happily ever after?

Dexter’s Family

There are several rather heartbreaking parallel storylines going on with family this episode. Dr. Vogel gets a second chance with her son, Dexter is worried about the well-being of his pseudo-mom and Deb is faced with the prospect of losing the little family she has left.

It’s so sad to watch how desperate Dr. Vogel is to help Daniel, begging Dexter not to hurt him and thinking she can somehow save him. It’s also pretty sad/scary how jealous Daniel is of Dexter and the life he got to lead.

In the end, Evelyn chooses her other “son,” agreeing to let Dexter kill Daniel after seeing him kill Zach (another pseudo-son), taking the bone saw to Zach’s head while he was still alive in a horrendous video that Daniel kept on his computer.

Deb’s heartbreak, on the other hand, turns out OK, actually. Because once she gets over the sadness and shock of Dexter and Harrison leaving the country, she realizes that she can’t ever fully live her life with her brother still around. She can’t go back to being a police detective while her brother is a serial killer. She knows she has to let them go, so she helps cover for them with the U.S. marshal who is looking for Hannah. And she reunites with Quinn, like we all knew she would.

Dexter’s fate is left uncertain. He goes after Dr. Vogel to try to save her and she ends up dying in his arms after Daniel slits her throat. It’s another parental loss for Dexter and it also might signal still another loss, as he runs out on Hannah and Harrison knowing that the U.S. marshal is closing in (he doesn’t know how close, though).

Will Dexter’s choice to try to save Dr. Vogel end up ruining his chance at happiness? It’s going to be very upsetting if both Dexter and Hannah end up in prison and Harrison is raised by Deb and Quinn.

You wouldn’t think it’d be better to be raised by two serial killers than two cops, but, well, there it is. Quinn and Deb are not ready to be parents.

Speaking of not ready to be parents, it felt extremely contrived the way Hannah got caught. She just stood there while he got on the treadmill? We don’t buy that at all. We also don’t buy that she’d be so stupid as to take him to a hospital. It was a cut that required six stitches, it was not a compound fracture.

But it isn’t actually the choice to go to Vogel that is the heart of the
episode. Dexter chooses to leave, once and for all, and start a life
with Hannah. He’s ready to quit his job, sell his condo and take off for
Argentina. We hope that’s how it works out.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We’re glad Quinn and Deb are back together. They’re dysfunctional, but in a compatible way.
  • It’s also nice to see her returning to the force and seemingly ready to move on with her life after this last year of hell. Hopefully Hannah possibly getting caught at her house doesn’t muck up everything up.
  • Masuka being all fatherly towards Niki was cute — “Are you high? Go home. We’ll talk about this later. Stop smoking pot!”

How do you think this ends, “Dexter” fans? And are you enjoying the final season?

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