dexter season 8 episode 11 'Dexter' Season 8 episode 11: Will Deb survive the series finale?We’ve been wrestling all season with how we feel about the way “Dexter” has gone the last two seasons of the show. Now there’s only one episode left and we wonder if the show is going to take a sharp left turn.

Both in Season 7 and Season 8, Dexter has started to find some real happiness and stability. It’s been nice to watch the transition from Rita, a stable, loving woman who could never know what Dexter really is; to Lumen, who knew what Dexter really was but was not stable and when she went back to being stable, would not be able to be with Dexter; to Hannah, who is a stable, loving woman who knows all of Dexter’s parts and loves him, not even in spite of the dark passenger but because of it.

So, we’ve really been looking forward to our favorite serial killer getting his happily ever after. But we have been a little torn about how light the show has gotten compared to its early seasons. Dexter is a fluffy little bunny compared to what he once was — and part of us likes his character transition and part of us doesn’t.

Of course, it’s a bit late to turn back now, for many reasons — not the least of which is that we would hate for something bad to happen to Harrison or for him to be shipped off as a ward of the state or something.

Is the show about to throw us a dark curveball by killing off Deb in the final frames? We certainly hope not. Season 8 has done such a wonderful job with the character of Deb and the repairing of her relationship with her brother — she’s another person who knows all of his parts and loves him anyway (even if it’s in spite of, in this case, and not because of).

What’s going to happen next week? Hopefully Saxon goes down for the count and Deb lives to be a cop and perhaps one day start a family with Quinn, as Dexter, Hannah and Harrison fly off into the sunset.

But will the show really end on that high of a note?

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We weren’t nearly as sad to see Kenny Johnson (the U.S. Marshal) bite it on “Dexter” as we were when he died on “Sons of Anarchy.” His character was a nuisance, plus it was his own stupid fault for the one ridiculously-written scene of the episode. Would he really just untie Saxon, la la la? With a table full of knives right there and without recognizing him as a wanted man? Hmph.
  • Sylvia Prado being Dexter’s real estate agent was a nice callback, we enjoyed that little cameo.
  • Even if it does make Dexter a little toothless, it was nice to hear him say that there are things he needs more than killing now and to see “Harry” disappear from Dexter’s life.
  • This season continues the great one-liners: “What about your knives? Do you want me to send them to you?” Hee. Deb is so great.
  • Speaking of Deb, is it adorable or weird that Quinn still has her ring stashed in his desk at work? Maybe both.

What do you think, “Dexter” fans? How does it end?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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