dexter season 8 episode 2 every silver lining 'Dexter' Season 8 episode 2 recap: Dexter bonds with his new momOn the latest “Dexter,” we learn much more about his new mom and watch the Dexter/Deb relationship continue to unravel.

Dr. Vogel reveals to Dexter about her involvement with Harry — not romantic involvement, but how he sought her out for advice when he started to realize what Dexter was. Dr. Vogel helped develop Dexter’s code, but stayed away from him at Harry’s request.

In a heartbreaking peek into Dexter’s psyche, he says to Evelyn, “I could’ve used someone to talk to after Harry died, someone who knew what I was going through. … I was young and I was all alone.”

This is a relationship we cannot wait to watch develop, especially because Dr. Vogel has asked Dexter to hunt down and kill the Brain Surgeon, who appears to be one of her former patients who is targeting her.

The final frames, where Evelyn tells Dexter that he’s perfect and hugs him was a beautiful moment. Does it mean something to Dexter, even as a psychopath, that someone loves him (in a non-sexual way) just the way he is? You’d have to think so, especially after Deb has turned away from him.

Speaking of Deb, she is basically just trying to put one foot in front of the other and get through each day, trapped in a hell of her own making. In typical Deb fashion, this means throwing herself into her work, to the point where she kills El Sapo, the mafia guy after Briggs, so she can recover the jewelry Briggs stole. Dexter figures out it was Deb who killed Sapo and covers it up, though she hardly cares. She probably wanted to get caught, on some level.

Do you think Deb and Dexter can ever repair their relationship? Do you even want them to?

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We aren’t sure it was a “Lost” shout-out, but we loved the dulcet tones of Mama Cass on “Make Your Own Kind of Music” in the Brain Surgeon’s kill room.
  • Quinn is being a real baby about the sergeant’s exam. We’d love to see him nail it and start to make something out of himself.
  • While he continues to be nothing but a nice guy, we still don’t trust Deb’s new boss, Elway.

What did you think of “Every Silver Lining”?

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