dexter season 8 episode 3 'Dexter' Season 8 episode 3 recap: 'What's Eating Dexter Morgan?' Not Ron GalutsoIt is becoming increasingly hard for “Dexter” to balance life with his new mom and trying to help his sister pick up the pieces.

In attempt to try to make Debra feel better about herself, Dexter takes her to the Mexican restaurant where she took down a gunman. But all that does is spur her to come to Miami Metro to confess to killing Captain LaGuerta. Luckily, because of a combination of being drunk and Quinn thinking Deb is speaking metaphorically, Dexter is brought in to help her.

However, Dexter seems to be operating under the assumption that his new mommy is Deb’s new mommy — and that’s not how Dr. Vogel sees things at all. She seems more interested in taking Deb out so that Dexter can be his lovable psychopath self without being all inhibited by his sister.

Do you think Dr. Vogel is actually going to try to help Deb? We are skeptical. It also makes us wonder how Dr. Vogel feels about Harrison. A psychopath trained to kill other psychopaths — who has a son? That’s not as neat and tidy as we suspect Dr. Vogel would like things to be. Hmmm.

In other news, the Brain Surgeon stages Lyle Sussman’s murder to look like a suicide, thereby getting the Miami Metro squad to close the Brain Surgeon case. Which means he can continue his (ahem) operations and also continue sending Dr. Vogel the pieces of brain. (What’s the twist here? Is Dr. Vogel controlling the Brain Surgeon?)

In his search for the Brain Surgeon, Dexter comes across Ron Galutso, a former patient of Dr. Vogel’s who, as it turns out, isn’t the Brain Surgeon, but more of a Hannibal Lecter-type. So Dexter does away with him after leaving Deb in the capable (?) hands of Dr. Vogel.

Finally, Quinn is studying for the sergeant’s exam, with Batista’s help. Jamie is also mad at Quinn being Deb’s beck-and-call boy, though only because she knows they used to sleep together. Imagine how mad she’ll be when she finds out Quinn proposed.

Oh, and Elway is still pinging our bad-guy radar and raise your hand if you think Quinn is still in love with Deb and will ultimately save her this season?

Us too.

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