dexter season 8 scar tissue 'Dexter' Season 8 episode 4 'Scar Tissue': Deb realizes she'll always choose DexterIn “Scar Tissue,” Debra makes some strides forward in healing from the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after killing LaGuerta — and comes to a decision regarding “Dexter.”

Color us impressed that Dr. Vogel is actually helping Debra — forcing her to confront her feelings, keeping Deb at her house to look after, showing her a video of her father and how hard it was for him to deal with Dexter’s psyche.

Frankly, we thought Vogel might try to harm Deb since she appears to want to keep Dexter as her pet psychopath. So, bonus points to Vogel. She also confronts Dexter about how he needs Deb in his life to idolize him and make him feel good about himself, but now that she doesn’t do that anymore, Dexter has to stop needing her and merely want her in his life. Part of that is accepting himself for who he is.

One thing that really strikes us in all this Vogel talk about killing Deb, not really loving Deb, not needing her, etc. etc. — what does Dr. Vogel think of Dexter’s relationship with Harrison? She knows about Harrison. So, how does the whole “Dexter can’t love” thing fit in here, because it seems to us that he very much loves his son. We hope the show addresses that.

When Deb finally comes to grips with everything (after seeing Harry’s video where he admits he can’t handle what Dexter is and subsequently killed himself), we were sure Deb was going to kill herself, which would have been an interesting path for this season to take. Instead, she tries to take out both herself and Dexter — but a good Samaritan saves Deb and Deb saves Dexter.

It’s as Dr. Vogel says — she’ll always choose Dexter.

In the Brain Surgeon news, Dexter is hot on the trail of another possible suspect, A.J. Yates. He ends up in the wind, but Dexter does save his latest victim. But in searching Yates’ lair, Dexter realizes that Dr. Vogel has been keeping a file on him

He doesn’t like being one of her experiments and possible future book subject, so Dexter basically tells Vogel to hit the bricks.

And in the weird romance part of this show, Quinn passes the Sergeant’s Exam and celebrates by … getting in a bar fight over Deb’s reputation. In front of Jamie. So, Quinn is still in love with Deb blah blah and poor Jamie’s going to get her heart stomped on. But on the bright (?) side, her new friend Cassie has the hots for Dexter.

Oh, and Masuka has offspring — Becky, from “Friday Night Lights.” He manages not to be too gross toward her before he knows she’s his daughter. This should be fun.

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