dexter season 8 this little piggy 'Dexter' Season 8 episode 5 'This Little Piggy': The family that kills together ...“Dexter’s” final season just took an interesting twist in “This Little Piggy,” one we can’t wait to see play out over the final seven episodes. Don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

The Brain Surgeon story arc has (seemingly) come to an end, courtesy of Yates kidnapping Dr. Vogel and Dexter and Deb subsequently saving her and Dexter killing Yates in the process — which Deb is totally cool with.

Do you really think the Brain Surgeon is dead? Is Dr. Vogel the Brain Surgeon?

Correct us if we’re misinterpreting, but Deb seems to be starting to regard Evelyn as her own mother figure, just like Dexter has been. We were actually thinking of them as a little (psychopath) family before the episode even ended with them on Dexter’s boat and him saying he wanted to be with “family.”

It’s too early in the season to think Evelyn and her children (and grandchild!) will sail off into the sunset, working together to dispatch bad guys, so we wonder what goes wrong? Will Dr. Vogel eventually need to be disposed of because she’s too scientific, too manipulative? And then Dexter and Deb live happily ever after with Harrison?

Deb particularly pinged our radar when she said she and Dexter “never really had a choice” but to be close, because anyone who really knew them “would run screaming.” It’s creepy and fascinating to watch, particularly Deb’s crossing over to the dark side.

Maybe we should’ve seen this coming from a mile away, but we credit Jennifer Carpenter’s killer acting up to this point for leaving us wondering if she’d ever bounce back and also if she’d ever come around on Dexter and/or Dr. Vogel.

We’re also wondering where Zach Hamilton fits into all this. He killed Norma Rivera and clearly is some kind of young psychopath like Dexter was. Will he be brought into the fold somehow?

In other storylines, Jamie is tap-dancing on our last nerve. We aren’t really that interested in Dexter’s love life with the neighbor girl, though at least Jamie’s jealousy about Quinn’s relationship with Deb hasn’t reared its ugly head in a while.

Speaking of Quinn, do you think he knows it was Matthews who tipped off Hamilton to the witness so Hamilton could pay him off? We think Quinn knows. Will he keep his mouth shut about it? We hope he doesn’t, Matthews has always bugged and it’d be fun to watch him get taken down in this final season.

Finally, we haven’t decided yet what Masuka’s daughter is up to. The show wouldn’t introduce her for it to go nowhere, but we’d like to believe she has no nefarious intentions in reaching out to him. We’ll probably be wrong, though.

And we continue to be suspicious of Sean Patrick Flanery — when does that shoe drop? (ETA: We like one commenter’s theory that he’s the Brain Surgeon.)

What did you think of “This Little Piggy”?

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