dexter season 8 dress code 'Dexter' Season 8 episode 7 'Dress Code': I'm a psychopath, ask me how!When we last left “Dexter” and Deb, Hannah had reappeared in their lives, drugging them and now apparently leaving Dexter in the middle of nowhere.

What does she want? For Dexter to kill her new husband Miles, of course. He’s a yacht-owning control freak whom Hannah cannot poison because she’ll be the no. 1 suspect, especially because he knows about her past (he helped her get a new identity and she’s going by “Maggie” now).

But in the end, Hannah kills Miles when he talks about, basically, kidnapping her and never letting her off his yacht for the rest of her life. Dexter helps her clean up the mess and it’s maybe looking like Dexter’s lady love is back in his life? How do you feel about that, “Dexter” fans? Personally, we think Dexter could use the love of a good woman who knows who he really is, so we’d be OK if they end up together.

Meanwhile, Dexter is also busy taking Zach under his wing as another kills-bad-people serial killer, teaching him the Code like Harry did for Dexter. It’s actually kind of lovely to watch, though Dexter needs to take it more seriously if it’s going to work out — because Zach may have just killed Dexter’s neighbor Cassie in a fit of rage and frustration at not being able to find Dexter.

For Deb, she’s starting to maybe warm up to the idea of Elway being into he, but he’s also just a touch menacing when he snaps at her, which puts him right back into our red-flag zone. We just cannot figure out if we trust Elway or not.

And Masuka reconciles with his daughter after offending her last week by trying to give her money. She doesn’t need money because, you see, she’s making her own money at a topless sports bar. Which is not Masuka’s favorite thing in the world, so he gets her a part-time job at the lab.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We love the family thread continuing — Harrison’s excited about Hannah, Zach’s like Dexter’s other kind of son, Hannah is maybe back for Dexter to have as a companion. If this show finds a weird, twisted way to wrap the show up in a neat little family bow, we can’t say we’d be that upset. We want a happy ending for our favorite serial killer!
  • This episode had so much humor. First Dexter says to Zach, “You’re a weird guy who lives with his mom, you might as well be wearing a sign,” which prompts us to go for the “Buffy” response, “I’m a psychopath, ask me how!”
  • Also, Deb’s response to Harrison being excited about Hannah, “Both of you?! Jesus, really?”
  • Masuka at the topless bar — “Daughter boobs.” Hilarious, and also eww.
  • It’s great that Deb is still seeing Dr. Vogel. We’re not completely convinced Dr. Vogel isn’t evil (just like Elway, we have to be suspicious on a show like this), but it’s great to see Deb growing as a character by accepting the help.
  • Oh, and Quinn moving in with Jamie? Is that just a knee-jerk reaction to the sergeant slight? Because (we think) he’s obviously still hung up on Deb.

What do you think, did Zach kill Cassie? We know he killed Norma Rivera and the crimes are similar, but is he being set up? Or is it a coincidence? Or did he do it?

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