dexter season 8 are we there yet 'Dexter' Season 8 episode 8: 'Different first names, same family'“Are We There Yet?” has visions of a happy (albeit twisted) little “Dexter” family dancing in our heads, until it all comes crashing down in the final frames.

We’ve said it before — we are clinging to hopes that things end happily for Dexter, Deb, Harrison and the rest of them when the series wraps up in a few short weeks. The introduction of pseudo-mom Dr. Vogel and now pseudo-son Zach, plus the reemergence of Dexter’s love Hannah definitely had our little serial killer-loving heart singing.

This episode was chock full of delightful family moments, from “What’d you think of the room? Wait, did you do something to it?” to “Elbows off the table” to “Not a chance, my car’s older than you.”

Even Deb seems on board with Dexter’s little family, choosing to let Hannah go because she knows how much Hannah means to Dexter. So, can’t they all just sail off into the sunset, dispatching bad guys and raising Harrison to be a non-psychopath?

Unfortunately, no. Zach pops up in the final frames as the Brain Surgeon’s latest victim, complete with the dulcet tones of Mama Cass and a piece of his brain in a jar at Dr. Vogel’s house.

Do you think Dr. Vogel is the Brain Surgeon? That has seemed like such an obvious twist from the get-go that we think there’s simply no way that’s how the show plays it. That would be such a let down in terms of obvious plot.

Either way, we’re sad to see Zach go. He didn’t kill Cassie — in fact, it appears as though someone was framing him for it and it’d better not be Quinn, because, ugh — but Zach in fact killed a killer. As Dexter VOs, he was following the code without even knowing it.

RIP, Zach. We hardly knew ye. But we’re excited for Dexter deciding to make a life with Hannah — the desire to settle down is trumping his desire to kill and that’s pretty extraordinary.

Is it far-fetched that the character of Dexter has changed so dramatically over eight seasons? Can psychopaths even do that? We aren’t a psychologist, we have no idea. But we enjoy it in the realm of the show because characters need to evolve and change. The show would be very boring without that.

In other family news, Quinn and Jamie are moving in together, but Quinn’s love for Deb keeps rearing its ugly head, particularly when he burns Jamie with, “Deb wouldn’t ask me to stay, she’d want to catch the killer.” Ouch.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Niki is getting her crunchy granola all over Masuka and Dexter’s lab, which is weird and random, but also cute. At least she’s not flashing her “daughter boobs” at the topless sports bar anymore.
  • We really thought the serial killer family might make it when Dexter said, “When someone is bludgeoned to death, blood is no longer just blood. It’s cast-off blood, atomized blood, pooled blood. Diferent first names, but same family, with one story to tell.” Alas.
  • Once again, kudos to all the humor in this season. This episode made us laugh out loud several times.
  • Is Deb going back to the police force? It seems like the show should end with her as a cop again, doesn’t it?
  • Finally, did you catch Dr. Vogel’s explanation for why she went into her field — “An incident long ago that I won’t bore you with.” We’re assuming that’ll come up again. We’ve already heard mentions of her husband, is he the Brain Surgeon? Or … does she have any children of her own? Hmmm.

Only four episodes left, “Dexter” fans. How do you hope the series ends?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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