dexter deb series finale remember the monsters 'Dexter' series finale: 'Remember the monsters' appropriately ends on a sad, dark note“Dexter” ended its eight-season run on Sunday (Sept. 22) with an ending that did not surprise us but certainly left us sad. Spoiler warning — you really don’t want to keep reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

After a season of Dexter and Deb repairing their relationship and Hannah reappearing as the love of Dexter’s life, we had high hopes of a “happily ever after” ending for everyone’s favorite serial killer. While intellectually we knew that would not actually be a very fitting ending for the series, we’ve come to love these characters so much that we wanted happiness for them.

That’s not what we got. It was a fitting ending, but it was also gut-wrenching, particularly Debra’s death. We always thought that even if Dexter’s character ending was dark, Deb’s ending would perhaps be less so. But it’s as Dexter says, “I destroy everyone I love,” Deb included.

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As sad as Dexter’s goodbye in the hospital room to Debra was — both the one where she was awake and talking to him and the one where he took her off life support — the real punch to the gut was Dexter’s goodbye to Harrison. Things weren’t looking up at that point, but we had a glimmer of hope he’d turn back to shore and be reunited with Hannah and Harrison.

But the phone call told us everything we needed to know about what Dexter was about to do and his, “I love you. Remember that every day until I see you again” brought the full-on waterworks. Whatever Dexter’s shortcomings as a human being, he’s always done his very best with Harrison and it tears us up that they aren’t going to be together.

We had one final glimmer of hope when Dexter turned up alive in what appears to be the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps Hannah and Harrison had joined him there through some miracle. But Dexter ended up the only way he really could — alone.

The finale was not without its faults. There were some enormous plot holes, such as how did the hospital just let him walk off with Deb’s body and did no one miss her after the storm passed? And how, exactly, did Dexter survive driving his boat into a hurricane?

But the final episode got the big strokes right — a darkness that the show needed for its ending. Dexter killed off Oliver/Daniel in an interrogation room and, unsurprisingly, Batista and Quinn barely batted an eye. Miami Metro will presumably soldier on, though not quite as well with the absence of the Morgan siblings.

How do you feel about the reveal that Dexter survived and is choosing to be apart from Harrison? Would you have preferred if he had simply perished in the hurricane?

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Can we just say that Masuka’s daughter was a weird, went-nowhere storyline and we could’ve done without it this season. There were funny moments, sure, but in these final two episodes, we’ve been waiting for the point and none came.
  • The flashback to Harrison’s birth was a nice scene. We liked Deb’s speech: “Ever since we were little. Don’t you remember the monsters? Every time mom would turn off the lights, they’d be running all over the walls and I couldn’t go to sleep ’cause I thought they were going to eat me or something. They were the shadows. You came in and explained in your dorky little voice. ‘It’s just the absence of light, Deb.’ I don’t even know why I remember that, but I do. And even then, you stayed in my room. You slept on my floor. You made me feel so f***in’ safe. You’ve always taken care of me. I know you’re going to be a great father ’cause you’ve always been a great big brother.”
  • “Dexter” has had ups and downs over the years, but Michael C. Hall‘s acting has time and again made things work that maybe would not have in the hands of a lesser thespian. Kudos to him in this finale, he had us crying buckets for the last quarter of the episode.

What did you think of “Dexter’s” final episode?

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