dexter 503 kill room michael c hall 320 'Dexter' spoilers: Julia Stiles and Jonny Lee Miller in the bigger scheme“Dexter” has made his first ritual kill of the season on Sunday (Oct. 10), even if things didn’t go quite according to plan.

Spoilers: Watch the episode “Practically Perfect” before reading further.

Roadkill janitor Boyd Fowler (Shawn Hatosy) is Dexter Morgan’s (Michael C. Hall) first official prey of the season. Unfortunately, even though Dexter set up his usual kill room complete with plastic and photos, Boyd gets away temporarily and goes back to his home, where Dexter lies in wait. This means of course not having access to his usual tools and setup.

“It’s not his typical room from what I heard because it wasn’t his table,” Hatosy tells Zap2it. “It was a makeshift room. He kind of wallpapered the place with newspaper.”

The “Southland” star shares his experience on the kill table:

“It was tough. It was a good six hours of lying there,” says Hatosy. “I think I got up once or twice. You’re not actually strapped down. They create this thing that just wraps around your body. But you can’t really get up especially when there’s the blood. It was a pretty challenging scene, and I like to pace a lot, stay in the moment.”

Boyd’s death has additional value to Dexter because it’s afterward that he discovers a distraught blonde woman (Julia Stiles) who was locked up in Boyd’s house and witnessed his death.

Spoilers! Yes, another alert. We have more details on Stiles’ character and how she fits into the season’s overarching plot, including Dexter’s ultimate prey. Skip the rest if you want to keep everything a surprise this season.

dexter 504 julia stiles 300x450 'Dexter' spoilers: Julia Stiles and Jonny Lee Miller in the bigger schemeWe’ll soon learn that Stiles plays the unusually named Lumen, a name that is never really explained.

“That’s just her name. I think it’s Lumen Ann Pierce. I think ‘lumen’ is the Latin word for light,” says Goldwyn, acknowledging that there could be something illuminating about her presence in Dexter’s life. “Maybe that was [writer/producer Chip Johannessen’s] metaphorical thing going on with her name. It’s an unusual name. The significance of that can’t be lost on what’s going on with her character. It’s never referenced on the show. No one ever makes a point of saying anything about that.”

Dexter and Lumen are naturally tied considering the unique and gruesome circumstances in which they met.

“Where we go for the season is that guilt leads to atonement, and atonement finds its expression in the relationship with Lumen who comes into Dexter’s life,” explains Goldwyn. “And the way that relationship unfolds is the thing that leads to resolution because in some ways, Lumen becomes for him, a metaphor for Rita. He’s able to do for Lumen, things that as the result of [Rita’s] death, he could never ultimately address.”

Lumen’s existence and survival could be a clue to what Boyd was up to, which turns out to be a bigger evil than Dexter had first expected. Even though Boyd is dead, his role in the grand scheme of Season 5 is by no means over. We’ve seen how he killed the women, but never discovered what his motivation was.

“The ‘why’ will become clearer later in the season,” promises the EP. “You will learn in the body of the season that he’s known as The Finisher. What you’ll find that he’s part of what really happened with Lumen. You’ll see he had a very specific role in things. The other thing is that he becomes the piece of cheese that Dexter keeps moving around to kind of distract the rats in the maze in order to stay a step ahead of things. So in that regard, he has value in terms of how he manipulates what Boyd was and who he was, what exactly he was responsible for.”

Goldwyn confirms that Boyd is just the first of many villains in a scheme that Dexter will uncover this season, and if they’re all considered rats, there’s one King Rat who awaits Dexter’s justice.

dexter jordan chase cds 320 'Dexter' spoilers: Julia Stiles and Jonny Lee Miller in the bigger schemeHe explains: “Boyd gives us the first inkling of the spectral thing of Jonny Lee Miller, listening to those tapes in his disgusting roadkill truck. Jonny Lee Miller, our primary villain, plays a motivational speaker.”

As we’ve heard on the show, motivational speaker Jordan Chase’s (Miller) catchphrase is “Take it now,” encouraging his disciples to take action.

“That’s where Jonny Lee Miller’s role in things clarifies, his impact on the lives of the people who were part of this abduction of women [like Lumen],” says the EP. “Like all motivational speakers, they weirdly make sense when you listen to them because they’re charismatic and they reduce things to a core simplicity which makes it digestible. So one of the fun things in the season is how Dexter engages with him and that’s what the audience loves, how he does the dance with the person he’s gonna ultimately take down.”

“Dexter” airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime

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