michael c hall crime scene dexter 705 'Dexter'   'Swim Deep' recap: Blood is thicker than water“Dexter’s” Lieutenant Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) demonstrated once again where her loyalties lie in “Swim Deep” — and once again, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) came out on top.

But protecting the serial killer — and her own complicity — is tormenting the career cop who cannot condone his crimes. Not everyone is averse to murder — just ask Isaak Sirko (Ray Stevenson) … and Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski.

Louis by Luminol: Dexter finally discovers that Louis was killed on his boat, thanks to his handy spray bottle of luminol and a little DNA typing. (Speaking of annoying dead people, anyone else wish Harry (James Remar) would disappear forever, or go haunt someone else? Maybe it’s Deb’s turn to play caretaker of their old man’s ghost? It only seems fair.

Fox and the Hound: Dexter and Isaak are alternating between hunter and prey, tailing and baiting each other throughout the episode. But when the Foxhole owner threatens Deb, Dexter is forced to come clean and warn her. “What happened to you only taking care of people who fall through the cracks?” responds his outraged sister when he confesses to hiding evidence and killing Victor. “I’ve already helped you cover up three murders. How did this become my life?” Actually, her complicity extends much further — as in, pretty much all of the Bay Harbor Butcher’s victims — when LaGuerta ropes her into her secret reinvestigation of the case formerly pinned on Doakes.

Wedding Crasher: After a major F-bomb assault in the elevator, Deb helps LaGuerta review a list of people who fit the vigilante killer’s victim profile. One of them, a wedding photographer who preyed on guests, happened to snap a picture of his killer, Dexter — a photo that Deb barely managed to hide from her captain, who like Frank Lundy correctly believes the BHB works in law enforcement. After being an accomplice in yet another one of Dexter’s crimes, Deb begs him to promises never to take another case from the police department, and he agrees. “Are you lying to me?” she asks, and he unconvincingly responds, “I don’t think so” …. and then proceeds to conceal the evidence that Hannah McKay murdered one of the victims attributed to Wayne Randall.

Double Jeopardy: Maybe it’s for the best, considering Hannah received full immunity for her role in her Frosty Swirl-lovin’ boyfriend’s killing spree. She’s clearly enjoying her trip down memory lane as she helps Miami Metro locate Batman and Robin’s victims. “She’s nostalgic,” observes Dexter as she plays with one of their trophies. At the crime scene where Dexter realizes she murdered one of the well-preserved victims, she says to him coyly, “Look at us talking blood and gore like we’re on a date sharing our first sexual experience.” Wherever this sick flirtation is going, it’s an intriguing, slow-burning B-story to his explosive sibling relationship.

Lifeguard on Duty: Hannah isn’t the only one feeling nostalgic. Deb calls Dexter her “hero” for vigilantly looking after her while she swam during a family vacation to Myrtle Beach. When Deb removes the incriminating snapshot of Dexter at the wedding, she says, “That’s me lifeguarding your ass for a change.” But after going all LaGuerta on Batista and ordering him to back off the Mike Anderson case, she tells Dexter she doesn’t want to know or be a part of his peculiar method of dispensing justice.

The Terminator: With Isaak, Dex metes out justice that doesn’t involve shrink wrap and duct tape. Instead, he lures the Koshka Brotherhood boss to a Colombian cartel bar, expecting the drug warlords to kill him. Instead, Isaak slays them all like a cyborg assassin — but not without spilling some of his own blood, leading to his arrest. Is it truly “over,” as Dexter swears to the imprisoned but patiently vengeful mob boss? Considering Miami Homicide’s murder closure rate, we suspect not — especially since Quinn’s hands are so dirty.

Killer Quotes

“We are not, and never will be, ‘bros.'” –Quinn to Masuka

“I believe he referred to you as a douchebag?” –Isaak, when Dexter asks what Louis told him.

“Looks like ’til death do us part didn’t quite work out for these guys. Heh heh heh heh.” –Masuka, upon finding Wayne Randall’s newlywed victims.

“So we’re looking for the f***ing Terminator.” –Deb, after Dex reenacts Isaak’s bar massacre
“There’s only one problem: I’m not some fat little man.” –Dexter, in response to Isaak’s tale of revenge against a Russian bureaucrat

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