michael c hall strahovski jim beaver dexter 710 'Dexter'   'The Dark ... Whatever' recap: Sins of the fatherWill the “Dark Passenger” have to hitch a ride with another serial killer on “Dexter”? After years of calling shotgun with the ghost of Dexter’s father, it looks like Dexter (Michael C. Hall) has kicked both phantom hitchhikers to the curb.

dark passengers dexter 'Dexter'   'The Dark ... Whatever' recap: Sins of the father
After Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski adorably quizzes him about what she mistakenly calls his “Dark Rider” (David Hasselhoff spinoff anyone?), Dexter begins to accept that his urge to kill is part of himself — rather than a force possessing him and commanding him to kill. Not that his new girlfriend minds.

In fact, it’s his new ladylove (yep, they’ve finally progressed to using the L-word), Dexter realizes he’s not a puppet of “The Dark … Whatever” (this episode’s title) or even Harry’s code.

Father Knows Best: In addition to their bloodlust, both Hannah and Dexter share unresolved daddy issues. While Harry Morgan (James Remar) trained his son to be a successful serial killer, Hannah’s pop, Clint McKay (“Supernatural’s” Jim Beaver), is a sadistic gambler. Just out of prison, he shows up at his Hannah Banana’s doorstep asking for forgiveness … and $20,000. When she doesn’t loan him the money, he gets drunk, destroys her nursery, and then blackmails her. In a menacing visit to Dexter’s place (where he echoes his near-drowning of his daughter by telling Harrison, “It’s sink or swim, sonny boy”), he reveals that Hannah killed her halfway house counselor with rat poison and her roommate, Arlene Schram, saw it — and he’ll tell the police about her if Dexter and Hannah don’t pay up. Why now? Turns out he was selling out his daughter to Sal Price for his true-crime sequel, and now Daddy Dearest is turning to blackmail to fund his gambling addiction.

The uncharacteristically cowed Hannah would rather pay off her father than kill him, but Dexter has no such compunctions — nor does he care that Clint technically doesn’t qualify as a victim under his code. He kills the blackmailer, dumps his body overboard, and only tells Hannah he “had a talk with him and he won’t be bothering you again.”

Actually he will, from beyond his watery grave: Clint had already called the police with a tip identifying Arlene Schram as a witness to yet another one of Hannah McKay’s murders. Deb, who was willing to “comprise the s*** out of” herself for Dexter, refuses to do the same for his girlfriend, and orders Angel Batista to find Arlene. While she waits, she pops a Xanax. Guess her brother being and dating a serial killer exceed the power of the good ol’ treadmill to relieve her stress.

pierson velez dexter 'Dexter'   'The Dark ... Whatever' recap: Sins of the fatherResurrecting Doakes: Deb better have plenty of refills on that alprazolam prescription, because LaGuerta has Dexter in her sights. By collaborating with Matthews, she’s learned that (1) Doakes died on a property being rented from one of the men who killed Dexter’s mother, (2) Dexter saw his mother being “chopped up” — like the Bay Harbor Butcher’s victims and (3) the Ice Truck Killer was Dexter’s brother. She already knows that Dexter owns a boat and is a blood analyst, which could explain the Butcher’s trophy blood slides. Matthews, who’s known Dexter since he was a kid, still isn’t convinced, but agrees to talk to him. (“I’m a lot less likely to f*** it up.”)

“The Phantom”: Ironically, Dex is helping Miami Homicide identify another serial killer — the arsonist responsible for half a dozen murders in the past two weeks. After ruling out the arson investigator, Dexter illegally hacks the juvie records to match the fingerprints of the guy who’s been scrawling “Bobby” in the soot at his crime scenes — haunted, like Dex, by a childhood trauma. But Dex won’t let the arsonist, or himself, off the hook for their tragic pasts. This time, instead of killing the killer, Dexter sets him up, calls in an anonymous tip and allows his sister to make the arrest. Hopefully Quinn & Co. won’t botch this one up.

Partners in Crime: It’s Quinn, not Dexter, who avenges Isaak’s death by killing George — for another reason. After the club manager threatens to send Quinn’s girlfriend off to Dubai, he enlists Batista’s help. While Batista is outside, he shoots George, takes the gun and makes Nadia shoot him in the arm, and then persuades Batista to let her take money from the safe and flee. How many times now has Quinn made Batista an unwilling accomplice? Will the Miami PD ever solve more crimes than they commit?

Killer Quotes

“You should definitely be careful of getting burned … because she’s so freaking hot.” –Masuka to Dexter, after word gets out that he and Hannah are dating.

“When I was 15 my parents thought I was retarded.” Masuka, excusing Hannah’s teenage killing spree.

“It’s Bobby. He added an it’s.” –Quinn on the arsonist’s latest message on the bus window.

“Sink or swim, daddy.” –Dexter before tossing Clint McKay overboard.

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