john lithgow dexter 320 'Dexter': Trinity Killer John Lithgow's spirit will live on next seasonJohn Lithgow may be gone from “Dexter” physically, but that doesn’t mean he won’t still be around next season.

The Emmy-, Tony- and Golden Globe Award-winning actor expects to be seen in flashbacks as “The Trinity Killer” when the Showtime drama series’ fifth round begins, likely in September. He won’t be shooting new footage, though; any such sequences will be drawn from his past scenes, which ended just before Miami pollce pathologist Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) discovered how big a toll Trinity had taken on his life.

(Spoiler alert: By the time he was killed by Dexter, Trinity had killed Dexter’s wife Rita, played by Julie Benz.)

“Ghosts hang over Dexter and continue to haunt him,” Lithgow tells Zap2it, “so I figure I’ll probably turn up now and then, but I’ve done my last acting on ‘Dexter.’ I certainly will be watching the new season, because [working on the show] turned me into a huge ‘Dexter’ fan.

“My two big TV experiences were ‘Dexter’ and ‘3rd Rock From the Sun,’ and in a curious way, they sort of resembled each other. They were both real ensemble pieces, and I loved the fact that one of them was crazy-funny while the other was horrifically suspenseful.”

Returning for a second year as host of the family-friendly Turner Classic Movies series “The Essentials Jr.” starting Sunday, June 6, Lithgow has just recorded an audio commentary for the season-four “Dexter” DVD set. He advises adults to keep his “Dexter” work hidden from his younger fans, but he adds, “That’s what you look for as an actor, a way of taking the audience on a hell of a trip. It was really fun.”

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Posted by:Jay Bobbin