jennifer-carpenter-michael-c-hall-dexter-s7.jpg“Dexter” returned to Showtime Sunday night (Sept. 30) in a big way, one that likely will have fans going back again and again to look for clues.

We can help with the “again and again” part. You can watch the full premiere right here, thanks to Showtime and YouTube.

The episode is called “Are You …?” and it picks up where Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) ended last season, with her looking very quizzically at what her brother is doing.

There’s also, as noted in our recap of the premiere, a rather intriguing flash-forward sequence that hints at all kinds of possible developments for the coming season.

The “Dexter” premiere will be online through Oct. 31. Watch it here:

Posted by:Rick Porter