julie-benz-dexter.jpgJulie Benz spoke with Pink is the New Blog for an in-depth interview about the “Dexter” season finale. Spoilers after the jump, so don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched it yet.

Apparently actress Julie Benz has not even watched the “Dexter” finale in its entirety. She was watching the broadcast with friends but as the ending neared, she made a few jokes and excused herself. We can totally understand.

The most interesting part of the interview for us was when Benz was asked if she would return as a sort-of ghost, the way Dexter’s father does. She responded:

I wouldn’t want to do anything that seemed cheesy or hokey or that took away from the impact that Rita’s death had. However, we have the most amazing writers on Dexter and they never deliver anything cheesy or hokey, so if there was a discussion about it and they wanted Rita to make an appearance and I felt that it served a purpose and made sense, of course I’d be back. It’s my family.

This really got our wheels turning about the possibilities for next season. It is completely plausible (and not at all cheesy, in our humble opinion) that Dexter would be haunted by Rita in his mind. She is essentially a victim of the life he leads and he did love her, as much as he is able to love. Harry may be his guide but Rita would be like Dexter’s conscience. Do we think he should start having two “ghosts” following him around all the time? Of course not. But we don’t think a few guest appearances by Julie Benz would be completely ridiculous and in fact, might prove really powerful.

The entire interview is a 24-minute audio file over at Pink is the New Blog and it’s definitely worth a listen, so please check it out.

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