dez bryant calvin johnson dallas cowboys gi Dez Bryant says he's as good as Calvin Johnson, Jerry Jones says not so much

The Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant caused a rumbling in the sports world by refusing to concede the Detroit Lions’ Calvin “Megatron” Johnson is a better receiver, ahead of the pair’s meeting Sunday (Oct. 27) at Ford Field.
“I believe I can do whatever he can do,” Bryant tells ESPN Radio in Dallas. “I think it’s just a pride thing. When it comes to football, just being on the field, it’s a mindset and having a mentality. I honestly believe when I’m there, I’ll be feeling like there’s nothing I can’t do. Whatever the coaches ask me to do, I’m going to do it.”
Well, it’s a good thing Dez is listening to the Cowboys’ coaches and not the team’s owner and general manager, Jerry Jones.
Jones has no qualms about handing the best in the league title to Megatron. 

“I think that Johnson at Detroit has got to be the best receiver or best end target, if you want to put it like that, the best guy to go to right now in the league,” Jones tells KRLD-FM. “Dez can aspire to be that and has a chance to be that.” 
Ouch … Isn’t this the same GM who openly aggrandizes Jason Garrett‘s coaching abilities on a regular basis? Can’t you just throw Bryant a bone here, Jerry?

On ESPN’s “Sports Center,” analyst Herm Edwards — who played defensive back for the Philadelphia Eagles before coaching the Kansas City Chiefs — says he thinks Dez is actually better than Calvin “in certain areas.” 
Time to watch ESPN and take a lesson in spin, Mr. Jones. 
Check out the “Sports Center” clip below:

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