dharmagreg3 Dharma & Greg reunite for 'Two and a Half Men' Season 9 premiereIn the most inspired moment of the “Two and a Half Men” Sheenless Season 9 premiere, Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson reunited in their “Dharma & Greg” roles for the first time since 2002.

Of course, “Men” and “Dharma” share the same creator, so we’re not surprised that Lorre managed to pull a few strings to convince the actors to take a turn on the show.

As we all know, Charlie Harper (Sheen) bit the bullet over hiatus, leaving his beachfront house on the market. It was rejected by potential buyer John Stamos because he and Charlie had an unfortunate sword-crossing incident a while back, and then Dharma and Greg took a look.

Staying consistent, the couple bickers as they check the place out. In the end, he (light-heartedly, we hope) drops the d-word. As in, divorce.

“I will take you and your uptight bourgeois family for every penny you’ve got,” she threatens.

Memories, memories. Watch the clip below!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie