dia finale voie Dia Frampton, Javier Colon, Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez: Who will win 'The Voice'?The final performance show of “The Voice” gave the four finalists, Dia Frampton, Javier Colon, Beverly McClellan, and Vicci Martinez, a chance to perform original songs — though, not their own material, but songs written for them by various famous songwriters and producers.

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The first original performance was from Javier Colon, whose song “Stitch By Stitch” was trending on Twitter just minutes after he’d finished singing. Cee-Lo thought that Javier exemplified “the ability of an artist to embody a song written for them,” he said. “It sounds like it’s your song.”

Blake Shelton said that Javier was a “good dude,” and coach Adam Levine agreed. “You must be so relieved. Like Blake said, everyone knows you’re an amazing singer but what they may not know is that you’re such an amazing guy… I’m so excited for you and he amazing things you’re going to do in your career.”

For Team Cee-Lo, Vicci Martinez’s song, “Afraid to Sleep,” was one that she felt she connected with because it is “an epic song, and it builds.”

When she was finished, Adam said, “The crazy thing about this show is that we all sit here and we have the best time watching you as spectators… I bought every single second of it. I was so invested in the way you were feeling.” Christina Aguilera added, “You’re a dynamic performer. You get on that stage and you make it official.”

Dia Frampton, Blake’s contestant, sang a song called “Inventing Shadows.” Before she went into the studio, she said, “The last record I did in my mom’s house. You can actually hear the dishwasher in one song.” When she was finished, Christina Aguilera told her that it was “really lovely,” but she wondered why Blake had added shadow dancers to the performance when he’d earlier criticized Christina’s theatrics.

Adam agreed. “I just got distracted by the stuff that was happening in the background. I didn’t need all the stuff.” For his part, Blake was unfazed, saying that his fellow coaches would know true distraction when Dia crushed them on iTunes.””How are they going to focus will all of that iTunes domination happening?”

Finally, Beverly McClellan performed her original song “Lovesick,” which coach Christina suggested she add a bluesy feel to to make it her own. “We all know you’re an amazing performer,” Christina said after the performance. “You just get up on stage and you kill it. What I love so much about you is you have great work ethic. You always show up, you always have a smile on your face ready to make people laugh.”

Blake said, “If music was crack, you would have a serious problem. It’s awesome to watch it. It comes out of her, it goes in her, it’s awesome. Yes I said crack.”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie