amanda seyfried 324 Diablo Cody and Amanda Seyfreid talk 'Jennifer's Body' and 'Mean Girls' in latest 'Red Band Trailer'The latest celeb to take a spin in Diablo Cody‘s “Red Band Trailer” is Amanda Seyfried, who starred in the screenwriter’s cult-hit horror movie “Jennifer’s Body.”

The two, of course, talk about the critically panned flick (which Seyfried admits she watches every time it’s on cable), “Mean Girls” (Seyfried’s first movie), nudity, Billy Joel and child actors (it’s a wide-ranging interview).
The best part, however, comes at the end, when Seyfried aces a trivia test based on questions from her own movies. Good to know even Seyfried mixes up Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman sometimes, considering Paxton played her dad on HBO’s “Big Love.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley