diana nyad getty Diana Nyad ends swim attempt after two man o war stingsShe may not have made it all the way to Florida from Cuba, but endurance swimmer Diana Nyad is still a winner in our eyes!

The 62-year-old attempted to be the first swimmer to make it without the protection of a shark cage, but after two Portuguese Man-of-War stings, she ended the swim at 40 hours and 67 nautical miles of swimming.

Nyad’s website quotes her as announcing the end of her swim by saying, “The medical team said I should not go another two nights in the water
and risk additional likely Man-of-War stings which could have a long
term cumulative effect on my body. But for each of us, isn’t life about
determining your own finish line? This journey has always been about
reaching your own other shore no matter what it is, and that dream

Despite not completing this swim, Nyad still holds the world record for open-water swimming without a shark cage. In 1979, she swam 102.5 miles from the Bahamas to Florida.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie