diana nyad swim gi Diana Nyad update: 62 year old distance swimmer encounters difficultiesWe’re all on the edge of our seats as we follow the story of Diana Nyad, a 62-year-old swimmer who attempted a 100-mile swim from Cuba to Florida in 1978 but had to quit after 42 hours of swimming because of waves. She tried again this August but was thwarted by an asthma attack, and is giving it another go.

Nyad is crossing the straits in a normal speedo swimsuit, attempting to be the first woman to swim the distance without a shark cage to protect her.

She began the feat last night, just after 6 p.m., but an hour later, a man-o-war stung her on both arms, the side of her body and her face. (We can say from experience… that sucks.) She cleared the tentacles from her body and continued on.

The night was difficult, and her stroke pace was slower by morning. She stopped around 8 a.m., complaining of having trouble breathing. Because of her August asthma attack, she was prepared with a prednisone shot and oxygen. She treaded water for an hour before continuing on with her swim.

The LA Times reports that her stroke is growing stronger today, and she’s soldiering on.

Good luck Diana!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie