diane kruger gi Diane Kruger in talks for Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host'With “Twilight” wrapping up its journey in November 2012, it’s no surprise that the cast for author Stephenie Meyer‘s next film project is practically complete. After all, “The Host” is scheduled to film in Louisiana in February.

The latest behind-the-scenes news is that Diane Kruger is in talks to play the pivotal role of the Seeker in the adaptation of Meyer’s 2008 novel, Deadline reports.

“The Host” follows Melanie Stryder and the alien that tries to inhabit her body, Wanderer (played by Saoirse Ronan) as she tries to find her boyfriend, Jared (Max Irons). The Seeker (Kruger’s character) is the alien in charge of making sure Wanderer’s takeover goes smoothly. Making things more complicated, Wanderer falls in love with Ian (Jake Abel). William Hurt will also star as Uncle Jeb.

Yes, it’s a very tangled web of story to get through. Andrew Niccol (“In Time,” “Gattaca”) is directing the film, which is scheduled for release March 29, 2013.

Posted by:Jean Bentley