agron  Dianna Agron turns 25: The 'Glee' star's 5 best roles

Confession: We here at Zap2it love “Glee” star Dianna Agron. We really do. She’s a good actress, has a great voice and is quickly becoming a fashion icon in young Hollywood. So what better way to show our love than a career retrospective on her 25th birthday?

Yes, believe it or not, Agron turns 25 today — Apr. 30 — and to celebrate, we picked five of her best TV and film roles yet, two cheerleader roles included:

No. 5 — “Heroes”

The actress fine-tuned her b-tchy cheerleader, which she plays so well on “Glee,” on this NBC series opposite Hayden Panettiere.

No. 4 — “I Am Number Four”

Sure, the movie wasn’t all that great, but Agron’s sweet and lovable Sarah was one of the few highlights. (Downside: She met ex-boyfriend Alex Pettyfer a.k.a. Hollywood’s new bad boy while filming.)

No. 3 — “The Romantics”

Agron was effortless charming and totally believable as Minnow, Anna Paquin’s younger sister in this underrated film. The scene where Paquin chases Agron around the house is one of favorite scenes in the film as it perfectly captures the relationship of the sisters.

No. 2 — “Veronica Mars”

Sure, she was only in two episodes of the UPN/CW show, but her Little Miss Perfect character who had everyone fooled was super-fun to watch. Plus, it’s “Veronica Mars.” Show some respect.

No. 1 — “Glee”

Come on, did you really think we’d pick any other role as Agron’s best? Quinn should be not a likable character, but somehow Agron has transformed her into someone we root for. Sure, she still has her mean side, but isn’t that what makes Quinn so much fun?

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