dick cheney getty Dick Cheney's new memoir will have 'heads exploding'

Brace yourselves, Washington — Dick Cheney is about to speak.  The normally reticent former vice president is set to release his tell-all memoir, “In My Life,” on Aug. 30 and the book promises to be “no holds barred.”  

Cheney appeared Thursday (Aug. 25) on NBC’s “Today” to talk about some of the revelations that appear in his highly anticipated book.  They include:

  • His bold lack of regret for supporting the waterboarding of suspected terrorists.
  • His claim that Bush played only a “peripheral role” in many of the events following 9/11.
  • Some less than friendly opinions of Bush staffers like Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell

Cheney is apparently unafraid of the criticism and backlash the book may garner, stating that after his book is released, “heads are gonna explode all over Washington.”  When Dick Cheney makes a promise to explode a head, you’d best take him seriously.  He has a history of successful headshots.  

Posted by:janderson