bigfoot sasquatch shot 911 pennsylvania gi Did a Pennsylvania hunter kill Bigfoot and call 911?

Is this it? Did a hunter in Pennsylvania shoot and kill a sasquatch, thus proving that Bigfoot exists? Did emergency services receive a 911 call about the incident?
Sort of.

Police in Altoona, Pennsylvania did indeed get a 911 call on May 14 from a man who said he had proof that Bigfoot really exists. That man, John Winesickle, reported that he had photos of what he believed to be Bigfoot footprints. In addition to this, Winesickle led a police officer to a wooded location where he walks regularly and saw the footprints.

The officer concluded that the tracks were most likely made by a bear.

But the man behind the call was not convinced. “No, no,” Winesickle said in an interview with a local outlet. “A bear can’t go down a steep bank on all twos. This is Bigfoot.”

Rumors being what they are, Bigfoot enthusiasts quickly took this story and embellished it. Soon, there were reports of a hunter having shot and killed the creature in Pennsylvania, along with “confirmed” reports that the dead beast was an unknown and manlike creature.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this is the case.

Posted by:Laurel Brown