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Earlier this year, “America’s Got Talent” contestant Timothy Poe was accused of lying about his military service on the show. He was allowed to continue on the show and was eventually eliminated in the natural course of things. But now another singing competition auditioner is coming under fire for similar reasons.

On the Wednesday, Jan. 30 episode of “American Idol,” Matt Farmer, 26, auditioned in Long Beach. During his video package, he told Ryan Seacrest: “We were on a mission [in Iraq] … we came across an IED. The IED exploded. I just remember waking up in the hospital in Kuwait. I was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury … medication they gave me as supposed to make me be sterile, but six months later [my daughter’s] mom was pregnant.”

Except the website Guardian of Valor says that is not true.

The website says his roommate tells a different story:

“He was medevac’d from Ramadi because he got drunk while he was taking accutane, an acne medication. He proceeded to rat out everyone he was drinking with and never came
back to the company.  He was never involved in one single direct fire
engagement, was never wounded, and made up this whole lie to try
and make his story sound good to ‘American Idol.'”

The website also cites Sgt. David Johnson, who claims he served with Farmer:

“I served with this person from Dec 2005 until he prematurely left
theatre for using banned substances specifically medication not
prescribed and alcohol. The theatre was Ar Ramadi Iraq 1Bn 26inf blue spaders 1ID attached to
1-77ar 1ID and 2nd marine expeditionary force. His actions endangered
the rest of his platoon and company and forced the rest of the company
to be searched in what is called a ‘health and welfare’ for illegal

There are several more statements just like those above. Farmer has contacted the website and he says “Idol” took his quotes out of context. He verifies that he was hospitalized due to an overdose on medication and alcohol and that that incident was not what made him supposedly sterile.

As for the IED explosion, he says that the “Idol” editors “chopped up” his quotes. He also reveals he is no longer a part of the “Idol” process. Farmer writes:

“IM FIRM in the fact that i know i had talked about in over 6 hours
of interviews that i discussed certain missions and stuff that we did on
a day to day basis…i than mentioned to a producer in an interview that i
had an accident while in country and remember ‘waking up in kuwait’ this is where this was all pieced together. I am sure you have
watched the american idol clip and can realize that it is chopped up.”

However, the website also has audio from a video where Farmer claims he was hit by an IED and that he was a sniper in Afghanistan.

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