Bruce Willis may have one-upped "The Bachelor" when it comes to an ingenious way to select a wife.

If the buzz is correct, then it appears the 54-year-old "Die Hard" star met Emma Heming, 30, at a modeling casting call, claims Page Six.

The story goes that for the 2007 thriller "Perfect Stranger," Willis insisted that modeling agencies send in their women to fill the roles of extras and minor speaking parts.

"He personally went through head shots and when the girls were called in to 'read,' he was there in the meeting," says the mag's "impeccable" casting source. "It was odd for the star of a movie to do so, but at the time he was single and I guess he needed a date."

Apparently, Heming seemed perfect for the role of "Donna" and later for the role of Mrs. Bruce Willis.

See for yourself how well he did.

But not so fast — apparently, another model also caught his eye. Tamara Feldman was selected for "Bethany," who just happened to have a for a sex scene with Willis for the movie.

Our boy then "started dating both Tamara and Emma, but obviously, Emma eventually won out."

Do you think Willis would do something like this? How would you have liked to sit in on those casting sessions?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen