amanda knox trial gi Did Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox slide by on their looks? 'The View' discussesBeing pretty certainly doesn’t hurt your chances when it comes to being successful in life… but could good looks help you get away with murder?

Critics of the jurys’ decisions in the high-profile Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox trials this year have suggested that Anthony and Knox were let off the hook because they were good-looking women.

Of course, the hosts of “The View” had something to say on Monday morning about the “too pretty to convict” idea.

casey anthony july 2011 gi Did Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox slide by on their looks? 'The View' discusses“The girl who was killed is no beauty, and they’ll end up saying she killed herself before you know it,” said Joy Behar of Meredith Kercher, the victim in the Knox case. “She’s cute enough, but Amanda Knox and Casey are hot numbers.”

“We kept talking about them more and more because there was an intrigue about these young, good-looking women who somehow found themselves in a situation that was unthinkable,” added Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Sherri Shepard compared the case to the one of Troy Davis, a man who was executed for murder despite someone else having confessed to the crime and a public outcry over reasonable doubt.

Watch the Hot Topic discussion, and then weigh in below in our comments section. Do you think good looks helped Knox and Anthony get off the hook, or were their trials fair?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie