bones season 8 david boreanaz Did David Boreanaz confirm 'Bones' Season 8 is his last?David Boreanaz recently tweeted some very alarming things about his future with “Bones.” While talking about his excitement for the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, he mentioned that it could “quite possibly [be] the last for #Bones.” But will “Bones” Season 8 actually be it for our pals at the Jeffersonian?

“SDCC 2012 shld be a blast and quite possibly the last for #Bones ? Farewell tour? Look forward to seeing everyone there,” the actor writes. “Let’s put this in sports terms. I’m a free agent after this season. So the Bones fair well tour is in full-swing. You must always keep your options open and ready for New challenges. The fear is the unknown and that’s exciting.”

Before you freak out too much, know that there is absolutely no confirmation from anyone at “Bones” that the upcoming Season 8 — of which there will be a full 22 episodes — is by any means a farewell season.

Sources tell Zap2it that creatively, this is not being treated as a final season. The show will enter production like normal, and a decision about a potential Season 9 will be made in the spring as usual. That said, if Boreanaz’s contract is up at the end of the year, he has every right to walk away — though common sense says that 20th Century Fox would be crazy not to make it financially worthwhile for him to stay on board.

Would you watch “Bones” without Booth? Should Season 8 be the end?

Posted by:Jean Bentley