Jimmy-kimmel_sarah-silverman Oh, NO! Has Jimmy Kimmel pulled a David Letterman? Has he also done "terrible, terrible things"?

No. Not really. But there are some eerie similarities.

When Kimmel and Sarah Silverman split last year, the talk show host started dating Molly McNearney, a longtime staffer on his ABC show, who had been recently promoted to co-head writer.

A rep for Kimmel, 41, confirmed news of the relationship.

Although the relationship may draw comparisons to David

Letterman's situation, an insider told People, "during work hours, they

keep things professional."

McNearney, 31, joined the show as an assistant to

the executive producer in July 2003.

Then she began writing for the show in 2006. 


was promoted to her current position in May 2008.

Jimmy and Sarah called it quits in July 2008.

You do the math.

What is it with talk show hosts and female staffers? Can't these guys find women to date who don't work for them?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead