Down about 15%, Joss Whedon‘s Dollhouse took a ratings dip during its second outing on Friday. But much of the audience that did watch seemed to enjoy this past hour more than the pilot. For me, the developing friendship and trust between Boyd Langdon (Harry Lennix) and Echo is interesting. And I’ll admit I was fully sucked in, rooting for Echo to beat the piss out of that misogynistic psychopath she went on a date with (sidebar: The Dollhouse does background checks on its potential clients, but not psychological profiles?! And um, hello, what about STD tests?!!). However, not everyone was happy with what they saw on Friday. I picked a few reader comments to illustrate the diversity of opinions. Perhaps we should keep this dialogue going, yes?

The second episode had me on the edge of my seat! I hated that

S.O.B. for his smug attitude while pursuing Echo. I saw a spark of

humor in the “you’re in the middle of ‘who wants to be there'” remark.

Maybe I’m just shallow but I didn’t really watch Buffy, Angel or

Firefly for some comment on society. I watched it because the shows

were exciting and different (of course, I also have a huge vampire

thing going but that’s another story for another day). I really enjoy

seeing familiar names and faces pop up. Loyalyty is a big thing to me

and I’ve seen that often in Joss’s work. I think there are w-a-a-y more

layers to this thing and can’t wait to see it unfold. BTW…Laurence

(Reed Diamond) will regret his crass behavior, I have no doubt. Did

anyone else just want to whack him a good one?

Enough of my ramblings…just be sure that I will be parked in front

of my TV (the old-fashioned way) every Friday night…same Bat-time,

same Bat-channel!! -JustDee

The second Dollhouse episode with the Middleman actor (the hunter) made

me wish he (as Middleman) and [his Middleman co-star] Wendy Watson were protecting Echo and

that Ida ran the office as opposed to the stiffs appearing in Dollhouse

and that Noser and Lacey were programmers of the dolls. Sorry but

that’s what I felt. Also wish the writers of Middleman wrote some of

the Dollhouse dialogue – they had humor and style as opposed to this

stilted mess. -DaisyRose

Buffy had a very uneven first season; it took time to grow into the

unforgettable series it became. I feel the same with Dollhouse. I was

more intrigued when I watched it than I had expected to be, but at this

point, it’s plain that it’s not yet on its feet. I’m looking forward to

the rest of this season and hope that Fox will have learned its lesson

and give Dollhouse time to develop into its concept. -spuffy

I was also a total fan of the buffy/angel humour, however is that what

everyone was expecting?? I mean just the premise alone, wiping people

clean out of their lives and reprogramming them to what was bought

doesn’t strike me as a really humourous subject, but hey, what do I

know? lol, I am enjoying the series so far, it’s interesting, and I’m

dying to know some basic answers who’s alpha, who is Caroline, and what

the hell did she do, to have this an option, and no I would not ever

“volunteer” to become the next BARBIE-Doll, lol! -Shauna

fox is promoting the nudity, sex and violence of the show.

to try and get younger viewers.

thats a sad comment on todays youth. its friday night, only older

people are home, program for us. were the loyal viewers. give me

jennifer love hewitt, shes sexy and classy! -domenick

I sort of liked the show after the pilot episode and I like it a little more after this second episode.

I like that were getting more inf on Echo and the overall story, with

each passing episode even if I’m dying for more character driven stuff

and flashbacksm than the persona of the week stuff,

I don’t think people should give up on Joss yet, he’s definitly still

got it, it’s just gonna take some time for this one to unravel! -JenM

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh