EwcoverIt was recently announced that the next "Harry Potter" movie, "The Half-Blood Prince," was being pushed from this fall (Nov. 21) to next summer (July 17). The rationale was that Warner Bros. feared a 2009 without a tent pole, due in part to the writers strike earlier this year.

Nice of them to let Entertainment Weekly know. Both WB and EW are owned by Time Warner, but the studio didn’t warn the mag that put Harry Potter on the cover of its fall movie preview.

Wonder why?

Was Warner Bros. nervous that EW might report the real reason HP was being pushed to 2009?

Fox News has floated the very viable theory that the true reason is because Daniel Radcliffe will be onstage buck naked (albeit briefly) on Broadway this fall in "Equus," a salacious play for its time — and for today — with a distinct beastiality theme.

And he’s already riding a horse bareback (and front) in the new issue of Vogue, courtesy of photog Annie Leibowitz, who, coincidentally, also got Miley Cyrus to show off her bare back skills.

I saw the play in London’s West End last spring (second row, center) and trust me, you see everything. Unlike the "Potter" fairy tale, Daniel’s performance in "Equus" leaves nothing to the imagination.

And you just know an enterprising paparazzi was gonna get a sneak shot of Harry’s magic wand and sell it to the highest bidder, who would have released it just as the film premiered. 

Was Warner Bros. worried that a shot of Harry’s privates would hurt box office? Why? Would such a photo be deemed too salacious for the young teenage girl market? Or — perhaps not salacious enough?

"Equus" may also be a warmup for the next installment, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." According to EW, Daniel will be sans trousers in one scene in "Hallows."  But he’s not worried, telling the mag, "It’s all old hat now, really!"

Photo: Entertainment Weekly

To see an " Equus" promotional photos of Harry and his horse, keep reading…..


Photos: Courtesy of Equus.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead