Enough about the "Grey’s Anatomy" outing. Seemed like that was all the E! network hosts asked everyone who stopped to talk on the SAG carpet. But did any viewers catch Jamie Foxx outing Ryan Seacrest? Seriously. At the close of Ryan’s chat with Jamie, the E! host complimented the "Dreamgirls" star about his.. hairline. "Everytime I see you, I am impressed with your hairline," Seacrest  gushed. "Well, thank you," said Foxx. "I have my sister to thank for it," adding what sounded like "You can gay on it." But using the magic of Tivo’s rewind, what he actually said was, "You can gaze on it."


Of course, it didn’t help when Seacrest then kept complimenting a fidgety Cate Blanchett on her… scent. "You smell great," he exclaimed. "It’s a different fragrance than you wore at the Golden Globes. What is it?" "Deodorant?" she offered, trying to defuse the uncomfortable perfume discussion without naming a fragrance she wasn’t getting a fat endorsement check for mentioning. But Ryan was unrelenting. Finally, she told him, ‘It’s my mother’s." Bad enough that Seacrest noticed Jamie’s hair line and was a little too into asking every woman what she was wearing. But noticing a girl’s fragrance is different than the one she wore two weeks ago and then pressing her to name it? That could be seen by some as declaring yourself a resident of Planet Closet.

Photo Credits: Oh, shut up about the fragrance, Seacrest. Or Cate is gonna go all Angelina on your a–.
Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

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