pp aniston Did Jennifer Aniston get a tattoo?Jennifer Aniston now has something common with tabloid nemesis Angelina Jolie. Tattoos. According to Life & Style Weekly, the “Horrible Bosses” actress debuted her tattoo on Friday (June 24).

The ink, which appears to be script of some kind, is on the inside of Aniston’s right foot. It was screamingly apparent when she stepped out wearing a pair of strappy Michael Kors sandals in New York.

We’re not sure what it says — the photo in Life & Style is too small to make a strong guess. Though it definitely looks about the right size for “Justin” — as in her new live-in boyfriend Justin Theroux, a guy who is no stranger to the tattoo gun himself.

We hope to get more details — who did the tat and what does it really say — for you soon.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson