jewel straight teeth june carter cash yfrog Did Jewel get her teeth fixed for June Carter Cash role?Jewel is making a few changes for her upcoming role as June Carter Cash in an upcoming Lifetime movie. Not only has she dyed her hair a dark auburn and popped in blue contacts, but in a new picture posted to Twitter, the notoriously crooked-toothed singer is sporting a perfectly straight smile.

“Here I am as June in my trailer with her blue eyes and perfect teeth,” Jewel tweeted on Tuesday (June 5) along with a photo of herself in character.

Jewel has steadfastly refused to get her teeth fixed, despite criticism and some pressure from industry insiders. And she likely hasn’t gotten them permanently fixed now — Yahoo’s Our Country blog speculates that she’s probably wearing dental caps to achieve the illusion of straight teeth.

In 2009, the singer actually did have a little bit of work done on her teeth, getting a cap on one of her front teeth to act as a spacer next to her infamous crooked tooth.

“i’m just glad Jewel didn’t fix her teeth for real for her June Carter role,” tweeted one fan. “Cause snaggle teeth are hot. #snaggletoothfetish”

An airdate for the movie, titled “The June Carter Cash Story,” has not yet been set.

Below, another pic the singer tweeted on Wednesday:

jewel june carter cash lifetime instagram Did Jewel get her teeth fixed for June Carter Cash role?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson