hailey glassman damon feldman Did Jon Gosselin harass Hailey Glassman? Or is the other way around?
Is EVERYONE being abused and harassed? 
Hailey Glassman has filed a harassment suit that claims former true-love-forever Jon Gosselin slammed her against a wall and verbally abused her after finding a photo of her kissing “Celebrity Boxing” promoter Damon Feldman (seen with her in the above photo).
This suit is allegedly in response to Gosselin accusing Glassman of slashing and trashing his apartment and making him feel “raped.” 

]]>Both sides deny the other side’s allegations.

Cops are still investigating both charges. And their lawyers are still making oodles of money over this couple’s schoolyard squabbles. 
Maybe this will stop when Jon runs out of money. Or when Hailey’s parents run out of patience.
And somewhere — off in the distance — Kate Gosselin is chucklling.
Photo credits: Hailey Glassman and Damon Feldman. WireImage