justin bieber rumor has it Did Justin Bieber throw a tantrum and make fun of his fans' British accents?Earlier this week, Justin Bieber‘s promotional tour in the UK turned sour when rumors spread that he’d thrown a tantrum and made fun of the British accent. One tabloid wrote that Justin was in town for a “promo mission” but “mocked the local accent, insulted a nation and threw a hissy fit instead.”

So is it true?

Not even a little bit. Justin was accused of having a childish tantrum and mocking interviewer Reggie Yates — but Yates says it didn’t happen. In fact, Yates went so far as to release the video of their interview so that fans could see that Justin was his usual charming self throughout the encounter.

If you jump to the 5:30 mark, you can hear Justin speak playfully in an English accent — but he’s not mocking. (Besides, who hasn’t tried to pull off another accent?) Yates immediately tells Justin that his accent is “rubbish,” and some light-hearted banter ensues. No mocking, no insulting a nation, and no hissy fit to be found.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie