madonna halftime 2 getty small Did Madonna lip sync the Super Bowl halftime show? Vote!It seems that every time a pop star takes to the field for the Super Bowl halftime show, there’s major debate over whether or not said pop star sang live. This year, Madonna‘s performance stirred some major scrutiny.

Before the big game, Madonna’s rival Elton John (who had some not-so-nice words for her during the Golden Globe Awards) slammed her on “Good Morning America.”

“Make sure you lip-sync good,” he said. “Of course you have to play live, but I
don’t think you can. In all fairness to everyone who’s done it before, I
think you may be able to sing live, but it’s really hard to play live.”

Her vocals did seem slightly off at times (though not as bad as featured artist Nicki Minaj).

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie