Miss Philippines gave a bit of a lame non-answer on the “Miss Universe Pageant” to Billy Baldwin‘s question about any mistake she has made in her life and what she did to fix it.

Maria Venus Raj smiled and waved to Las Vegas then proceeded to admit that since she was only 22, she hadn’t made any major mistakes in her life yet.

Raj reportedly grew up very poor, living in a wood hut without electricity. But she managed to graduate from college with honors. Questions about her birth certificate even caused her to briefly lose her country’s pageant’s crown. But she got it back after getting a Philippines passport. Do you think her non-answer answer cost her some points? While she was ahead in the online predictions, she came in fourth and the winner was Miss Mexico. Follow Zap2it and Elizadish on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news 

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead