robert pattinson rumor gi Did Robert Pattinson cheat on Kristen Stewart too?Since Kristen Stewart broke Robert Pattinson‘s heart (and millions more around the globe) by smooching her director all over town, she’s been vilified — while women of all ages dream of comforting her scorned boyfriend.

But is she the only one with a cheating heart?

Maybe not, suggests Jezebel
in a mind-bogglingly detailed — but not necessarily factual — account of R.Pattz’s alleged infidelities in recent years, all based on a treatise from a tipster claiming to have “insider knowledge” of the scruffy Brit’s hookups.

Women linked to the heartsick heartthrob by Jezebel’s “insider” include Megan Fox (after the “Twilight” premiere), costar Nikki Reed (while K.Stew was still dating Michael Angarano), costar Ashley Greene (on and off since “New Moon’s” filming), unknown PYT Erika Dutra (Cannes), Camilla Belle and Emilie de Ravin (at the same time, gasp!), Lindsay Lohan (see, this is where the source’s credibility takes a nosedive), David Cronenberg‘s youngest daughter, Caitlin, fashion blogger Shea Marie, actress Sarah Roemer and, most recently (July 26), an unknown woman at Chateau Marmont.

Do you believe a word of it? Should Pattzy take some of the blame for their tragic romance?

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