Did Sarah Palin receive a blessing from controversial Kenyan witch hunter Thomas Muthee that protects her from ‘every form of witchcraft’?

The answer is yes, yes she did.

The blessing — seen on the above videotape — was given to her three years ago in the Wasilla Assembly of God Church (the church she’s attended since she was a young girl) shortly before she filed papers to run for the office of governor of Alaska.

So will the witch hunter’s blessing keep witches away from the White House?

And were witches a possible cause of Palin’s alleged 1996 extramarital affair with her husband’s snowmobile business partner, Brad Hanson? 

OK. so it’s the National Enquirer who dug up this ancient dirt. Frankly, it sounds like it’s ripped from last season’s "Weeds," with Palin cast as Agrestic’s ambitious city councilwoman, Celia Hodes. But the tabloid did send its crack exploratory team to Alaska after Palin’s nomination was announced, so it’s not surprising they uncovered something. Or made something up. That distinction I leave to you.

But now there’s a named source "close to the Palin family," so people are starting to pay attention. After all, the tabloid has gained a level of respectabiity (or at least a grudging respect) after former Sen. John Edwards finally admitted in August to the affair with Rielle Hunter that the taboid first reported last year.

Remember when Edwards said, "It’s lies. Tabloid trash!"  Pot calling the kettle black much?

So let’s get to the bottom of this. Forget about the economy, the war, the environment. Witchcraft and adultery, these are important issues!

So important that the John McCain camp has threatened legal action against the Enquirer if it continues to make its scurrilous allegations.

Watch the MSNBC video below to hear what an Alaskan journalist says to Keith Olbermann about Muthee’s witch-hunting passion. It’s pretty eye-opening. Especially if you don’t believe in witches.

Apparently, not all Alaskans do.

Do you? Should witches be part of the upcoming presidential debates?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead