A video clip has re-emerged online in light of the recent PRISM-NSA spying scandal that has the internet abuzz Tuesday (June 10). Apparently, actor Shia LaBeouf knew long before any of the rest of us just what the NSA is up to.

The clip is from September 2008 when he was promoting the film “Eagle Eye,” which is about a woman using technology to track his character’s every move.

LaBeouf says, “We had an FBI consultant on the picture telling me that they can use your ADT security box microphone to get the stuff that’s going on in your house. Or OnStar, they can shut your car down.”

“And he told me that one in five phone calls that you make are recorded and I laughed at him, and he played back a phone conversation I had two years prior to joining the picture,” LaBeouf continues. “Extremely creepy.”

We’re pretty sure he means “CIA consultant,” not FBI. And he doesn’t mention the NSA, but still — kind of weird.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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