Anyone watch last weekend's "Saturday Night Live," hoping that Lady Gaga and Ryan Reynolds would do better than U2 and  Megan Fox? (BTW, they did.)

Then maybe you also caught the SNL Celebrity Family Feud skit with the Osmond family and the John Phillips family.


"What do you keep for a long time? was the first question.

 "Secrets!," offered John Phillips with a zoned-out daughter Mackenzie Phillips standing next to him. 

Another question was "Things you do with your father?"  

"Can I get back to you in thirty years?," Mackenzie asked. "Okay, then sports." 

Towards the end, Mackenzie's brother mentions how John and Mackenzie play sports by themselves, just the two of them, at a hotel. 

What do you think of this SNL skit? 

 Incredibly bad taste or just too soon? 

Or both.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead